Look Ahead for an Ocean of Opportunities

If you are seeking a touch of adventure, Uprising has it covered. First there’s the stunning coral of Beqa Lagoon right at your door step. Beqa Lagoon was labelled by no lesser an authority than Jacques Cousteau himself as the “Soft-Coral Capital of the World”. Well past the lagoon, is perhaps the most famous shark dive in the world. Closer to home, the resort is loaded with variety of water sports and day trips including the fast n’ furious Jet Ski Safari.

  • Water based activities include:
  • Jet Ski Island Tours
  • Motorized Water Sports
  • Scuba/ Wreck diving
  • Shark Feeding
  • Snorkeling in the Beqa Lagoon
  • Game Fishing
  • Private Surf Charters

Rivers Fiji

Adventure! Rivers Fiji is considered the #1 adventure tour in Fiji. The only company to offer whitewater rafting and river kayaking tours high in the lush interior of Viti Levu. Whitewater raft the Upper Navua River’s volcanic, waterfall filled gorges – home of the Upper Navua Conservation Area. Or journey to the Namosi Highlands and see villages, hike to waterfalls and kayak the ‘Luva River. Culture, excitement, scenery, and memories you won’t forget. Celebrating 14 years of operation in Fiji. Winner of multiple tourism and environmental awards. Based in Pacific Harbour, the center of Fiji’s Pacific Coast. Contact Rivers Fiji

Jet Ski Safari

Goin on a Safari, Fiji Style!

Explore the Fiji Islands on a Jet Ski. Its forty minutes of an adrenalin pumping ride each way out to the islands and back and together with some excellent snorkeling and island touring. It’s a unique way to discover a beautiful hidden Fiji. Yanuca Marine reserve, a 4-10ft deep lagoon, offers turquoise waters, live and fluorescent coral and a fine display of Fiji’s underwater world.

The brand new four stroke jet skis will ensure you a safe, comfortable and unforgettable tour of the Fiji Islands. The natural beauty of Fiji’s hidden splendors will provide the rest of the day’s entertainment.

Scuba Diving

Welcome to Another World

The Beqa soft coral dive in the Beqa Island lagoons is among Fiji’s truly elite world-class diving experiences. It is for those who are keen to dive Fiji in a most exceptional adventure setting, possessing some of the most beautiful soft coral ever discovered by man. This is not our opinion. This is the opinion of dozens of renowned diving authorities the world over who still pay tribute regularly through testimonials to the Beqa diving experience. In the words of Jacques Costeau – Beqa Lagoon is “the soft coral capital of the world…” Enough said.

The kaleidoscopes of color, the reefs teeming with fish and numerous caves and tunnels to explore are elements that will always define your Fiji vacation.


A Left-Hander to Write Home About

Frigate’s Passage is widely regarded as one of the best surf breaks in Fiji. It is one of the few breaks in Fiji where it’s possible to surf either at high or low tide. Frigates is a near perfect left-hander which you can surf all day long. It breaks into open ocean at the fringe of Beqa Lagoon and there is the prevailing offshore trade wind which creates swells almost every single day of the year.

Scuba divers and snorkelers also enjoy the trips to Frigate’s Passage. It’s a fantastic place to dive and explore the lagoon and the coral formation along the reef. It’s a great place for snorkeling enthusiasts to witness a vibrant marine sanctuary in Fiji.

Shark Dive

Nature’s Most Perfect Killing Machine… Up Close and Personal

Witness the surreal moment of shark feeding where a half-dozen or more varieties of sharks whirl around in a wide circle among thousands of other fish of all sorts of varieties. The water is so thick with fish circling in unison that it’s hard to tell who is choreographing the whole performance… all of them devouring the chum that the divers have released for them to feed upon. It’s Darwinism in all its glory. It is also spectacular movement, colours and all performed as a natural underwater ballet specifically for your viewing pleasure. And the sharks? WOW!

This is definitely something to tell your mates about when you get back home.


Beqa Lagoon “the soft coral capital of the world…” Jacques Costeau

Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities among the visitors here at Uprising Beach Resort largely because of the beautiful and world renowned Beqa Lagoon. Kayak into the lagoon, or have us run you out on the resort boat, for a short ‘n’ sweet snorkel trip.

The tropical clear waters of Fiji along side with the wide variety of marine and colorful coral reefs make it a wondrous spot for snorkeling. The underwater visibility is often said to be over 30 meters (98 ft). May through October are regarded by those in the know as being the best time to go snorkeling.

Freedive Fiji

Dare to take the plunge?

Think your Fijian experience couldn’t get any better? Think again! Charter today with the #1 adventure that everyone is talking about. Get stretched and join Freedive Fiji for the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you chose spearfishing, game fishing, or snorkeling, you can rest assure our crew will lead you on a H₂0 experience you won’t forget! Freedive Fiji has come together combining the oldest tradition in the country with techniques and technology of modern day fishing, opening the doors to a haven of unspoiled territory right at our doorstep. Freedive Fiji Charters is headquartered in Pacific Harbour, the “adventure capital of Fiji”. In addition to providing our guests with the very highest standards of service, we aim to make our charter trips educational, informative and fun. We are dedicated to delivering the highest value to our customers while striving to meet and exceed all expectations on every Freedive Fiji charter. Our guides have over 15 years experience so our customers can relax knowing that all their needs will be exceeded, the charter will run smoothly, and that the instruction from the training arm of Freedive Fiji is second to none.

FREEDIVE FIJI Spearfishing Experience
We provide a wide range of spearfishing charters, for beginners to the most experienced of divers,all designed to provide the best chance of securing a once-in-a-lifetime catch. Learn about equipment, techniques and fish behavior in this exhilarating underwater sport. Half day charters will run approximately 4 hours, and will consist of two dive locations with at least 45 minutes in the water at each. Half Day Charters will visit reefs and islands southwest of Pacific Harbour, including Frigates Pass, Beqa Passage crown lumps and the outer pinnacles of Beqa Lagoon.

On these dives, the spear will be chasing some of the most common reef and pelagic species in Fiji including: Wahoo, Coral Trout, Dog Tooth Tuna, and Spanish Mackerel. Full day trips travel to reefs in the Beqa Lagoon and outer sea-mounts up to 40 miles offshore and will consist of up to 4 dive locations with at least 5 hours of spearing time in the water. Customized trips to the tip of Kadavu, to hunt various large pelagic species including Wahoo and Marlin, can be arranged upon

FREEDIVE FIJI Charter Custom Experience

Private charters can be fully tailored to suit your needs taking into account desired species, locations, trip duration and dates and can include any of the following: Spearfishing, Sport fishing, Game fishing, Surfing, Island hopping & Island Transfers. Custom charters are offered daily, please contact us for details and availability.

Game Fishing

Wahoo! Marlin! Tuna!…..

Deep sea fishing produces that rare combination of relaxation and wild thrills in the act of tracking and then catching a big fish. Fiji waters are plentiful with big sport fish and the guides love to help you play the cat and mouse game with these massive champions of the deep blue (sea). The waters around Beqa, the islands off the Coral Coast and some choice spots in the Mamanucas are the best places to catch species like Marlin, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna, Barracuda and King Mackerel.

FREEDIVE FIJI Charter Custom Experience

Our deep sea fishing charters will take you to the most fertile waters where fish bigger than you can imagine are waiting for you. Our Game fishing Charter specializes in light to medium tackle “8kg to 24kg” as we believe this type of gear will give the fisherman the best possible chance of taking home a new record, along with a great sporting fight from some of the fastest fish in the ocean. This method of gamefishing out of Pacific Harbour is second to none with huge schools of Wahoo, Tuna, and Sailfish schooling up over the numerous seamounts and ocean structures. Along with seamounts come deep canyons and trenches running between the main island of Viti Levu and Kadavu, wherein lie some of the best Blue Marlin hunting grounds. These fish hound large schools of congregatingbait fish, geatly increasing your chances of raising one of these Majestic Monsters. Really want to get your arms stretched? Spend a day on a Private Charter dropping jigs or casting poppers in search of the
powerful Dogtooth Tuna and Giant Trevally.