Music Festival...

A 12 hour non-stop music and performing arts marathon brought to you by co-hosts, The Uprising Beach Resort and Pacific Coast Events & Promotions (PCEP).

Sun, Sand & Sea…..providing stage and props for Fiji’s premier music, dance and lights extravaganza, presenting the crème de la crème of Fiji’s music virtuosos and contemporary show dancers!

This event, now in its fifth year, has gained both local and international thrust. Held in November, to coincide with the Festival of Lights (Diwali), the Uprising Beach Resort and PCEP, show off over 100 musicians and professional dancers in the captivating surrounds of The Uprising Beach Resort, situated on the Pacific Coast, Pacific Harbour, Fiji.

A combination of factors such as the music, performers, location, weather, objectives and content of this great event is a huge draw card, for both locals and international visitors. The festival will be well attended and received by all stakeholders i.e. sponsors, performers, vendors, patrons and hosts, alike. The atmosphere this annual event creates is second to none!

The show kicks off at 12 noon with the introduction of day-time bands presenting a more laid back atmosphere with jazz and blues routines, some soft country sounds, and avant garde repertoire.

Intermittently, between bands, the dance troupes will exhibit movements, fusing elements of our Pacific Islands with contemporary styles of the region. The 3 dance groups featured have taken their acts internationally and have gained popularity abroad.

We have also made this a day, especially for the family to come out and have fun. The sponsored “Kiddies’ Station” has been a winner over the last years, with fun games and prizes and a free meal and beverage for each child. This station is managed by trained and certified minders. There’s also a face painter on site.

In addition, to show our support for our smaller community “cottage traders”, we provide a ‘vendors marquee’ where festival comers can hunt for quality bargains, i.e. affordable food, artifacts/souvenirs, hair braiding, weaving, henna designs, balloon crafting etc.

The ‘lights’ feature of the event occurs around 9pm and 12 midnight, exhibiting spectacular fireworks on the resort’s beachfront. Bonfires, nearly a storey high, flaming along the shoreline, will also be a significant element of the ‘lights’ concept.

Our aims and objectives of the festival are multi faceted; where our ultimate plan is to market this event globally, show casing Fiji, involving the people of our country, and visitors alike.

See you all there!!

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